Harvey Pipe Project

Project Description:

The Harvey Pipe Project is a three year, $72 million project to pipe the Harvey Irrigation district.

This will deliver 17.1 GL of water savings which will be transferred to the Water Corporation on a permanent basis. This water will be made available to customers of the IWSS as a result of the savings and trade at a favourable price is a clear wider community benefit as it is enough to meet the daily water needs of over 100 000 people.

The Harvey Pipe Project is highly regarded on the national scene and is recognised as being the best of its type in its broad vision and practical ability to save and trade water to provide funds for a world class water delivery system. The Harvey Pipe Project was the inaugural winner of the WA Water Awards and the WA Engineering Excellence Award in 2006.

We at Dwyer Engineering are proud to participate in this local project.

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