Dwyer Engineering is a Western Australian engineering company providing services such as steel fabrication and site installation to mining, oil & gas and various industries across Western Australia.


Our fabrication workshop is purpose built for structural steel with incoming material at one end of the workshop to create a one directional flow to get steel through the workshop as quick as possible without compromising on the end quality. We also fabricate tanks, chutes, pipes, spools and pressure vessels. The majority of our clients requests fabrication of carbon steel, however we have experience to also fabricate in stainless, dua plates, bisalloy and other exotic material. Our boilermakers and welders are fully qualified to both AS3992 and AS1554 and are supervised by a Cert 10 welding inspector. The progress and tracking system maintained for each client and project are visible for clients online if requested.


Dwyer Engineering has FICEP CNC machines such as beamline machine and angle line machine to its disposal. These machines assure a cost efficient processing to the highest precision. Our machines have the capacity to process 60 Ton of steel per week, this capacity is increased when processing heavier sections of steel. To eliminate errors, we have implemented quality controls on every step of the way.

We fabricate:

  • Structural Steel
  • Conveyors
  • Chutes
  • Tanks
  • Pressure Vessels


Dwyer Engineering has a 2400 m2 enclosed, controlled surface treatment facility, inclusive of a 24x6x6 metres fully recyclable grit blasting room. Each item is tracked through our paint shop and we are able to provide live updates of items upon request.


Our surface treatment facility is the largest in the South West and we offer a fast turn around and transport of painted steel to and from our clients yards. We have a NACE 2 inspector on site overseeing the surface treatment facility ensuring all activities are completed to the highest quality.


Site work is expensive, save cost by pre assembly in the workshop or at our pre-assembly area. We have a 10,000 sqm pre assembly area in which we can pre assembly off site for direct transport and installation on site. Our pre assembly area is located only a short distance from sites such as Worsley, Pinjarra, Muja and Wagerup. Due to our large facility Dwyer Engineering are able to store goods until your site is ready for installation. Dwyer Engineering can also assist with transport and site installation. With Bunbury port located less than 30 minutes away transport via ship is also possible. With Dwyer Engineering you can be assured of a professional result each time back by experience in construction and installation.


We have a 10,000 sqm pre assembly area only minutes from sites such as Worsley, Pinjarra and Wagerup. We offer pre assembly of any structural steel to enable you to reduce your site construction and labour cost at site.

Our Location


Dwyer Engineering is a one-stop shop. From detailing to site installation, we provide services for all stages of any project. Our experience and track record of delivering quality project has built long term relationships with our clients.

We offer the following in-house services:

Structural, mechanical and piping detailing, project, fabrication, surface treatment, maintenance, transport, site construction, maintenance and labour hire.


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