Surface Treatment

Dwyer Engineering has one of the largest surface treatment facility in Western Australia. Our facility includes a fully recyclable grit blasting room which is 6 metres wide, 6 metres high and 24 meters long. Our enclosed and roofed paint shed is over 2000 m2.

Our blasters/painters have extensive experience in industrial, mining, oil and gas applications.

We take quality control and quality assurance seriously.

Paint reports are supplied with every paint job including blast profiles, ambient conditions, relative humidity, dry bulb, steel temperature, dew point and thickness tests, all according to applicable Australian standards. We have been ISO 9001 certified since 2005.

If requested, we are able to organise pick up of your steel at your premises and deliver painted steel within a very competitive time frame.
We also conduct on-site surface treatment. Our site trucks are equipped with blasting and painting equipment.

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